M a d a g a s c a r - P r o j e c t


In April 2017 I landed in Madagascar following Cyclone Enawo. Experiencing the local life first hand I felt compelled to contribute – to make a difference. The collection, Madagascar Dreams, was created with a hope to establish continuing employment for the local women of Antalaha in the Sava Region.

If you want to read more, here’s an article about our story or you can watch our Madagascar journey video!

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I genuinely believe the power of fashion can bring balance and harmony to our world. By honouring and empowering individuals equally, we can create reciprocal relationships that build communities and create an equality we can all share in.


‘You can build, sustain and support communities through the power of fashion!’

  • Our social ventures aim to collaborate, educate and empower women, their families and their communities in Madagascar.
  • We aim to build social pride and support communities towards economic independence and sustainability.
  • ‘Preserving traditional skills while teaching contemporary processes and aesthetics.’
  • Since 2017, $5000 has been raised to help to rebuild a home school devastated by Cyclone Enawo which will also be a training and production centre for the local women.

  • When you purchase from Sharka Bosakova, 5% of your purchase empowers, supports and assists real women in real communities.
  • You can follow the progress of our home – school project on the GoFundMe page and regular impact reports on the contribution are posted in our blog and our Facebook Madagascar Hope page.

Sharka Bosakova talks Madagascar Project

‘This story isn’t about fashion; it’s about people.’ Sharka Bosakova gives us an exclusive insight into her latest project and how she’s working towards creating change in Madagascar through the power of clothes.